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Authentic Team with Michael Watson

• 60min • • Classes • Online

In the session you will work on the individual connection to yourselves as people, much like the Authentic you training.
When you have discovered how you show up as yourself at work with authentic power and ease, you will then find the collective voice of the team. What is the narrative of the team in the company and how do you support each other with this narrative?

You will work a lot on energy and body language, non verbal communication and how it affects the team so much. How changes in your stance or inner thoughts can change the dynamic in the whole office. When you realise the power of the individual you understand how team strength is built only by the individual so you have to find the team to influence those not at their best with their energy .
Finding the core values of the company from the team and how to empower yourselves from there.

Team build exercises, communication with each other and the client bringing in the values that were created.