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Ayurveda Goddess with Deborah R

• 50min • • 1-1 Session • Online

Single session - Get an Ayurvedic Mind-Body reading and receive a tangible protocol with a focus of choice: self-care ritual(s), herbal medicine, nutrition or meditation.

Journey - A sequence of three Ayurveda Goddess Sessions is designed to gradually reset your body’s energy levels, working with the 5 elements and Earth’s rhythm. You will learn how to decode your body’s subtle messages and answer them accordingly with self-care that is designed to mother you, whilst fitting within pre-existing day-to-day dynamics.

You will touch on Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, DIY Bodywork, ritual, breath, meditation, lifestyle adaptions and tangible self-assessment tools such as tongue reading.

You are welcome to ask Deborah questions on WhatsApp or over email in-between sessions, for the length of your journey.

Deborah helps others optimise their:
ღ Hormonal Balance
ღ Womb Health
ღ Gut Health
ღ Sleep Hygiene
ღ Increased productivity
ღ Self-Esteem & Connection to the Self
ღ Energy flow and alignment with their wishes & needs