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Birth with Ayurveda with Deborah R

• 5 hours • • Courses • Online

1-on-1 Birth Course. Prepare for Birth and the Fourth Trimester with Deborah, with personal guidance, library access and workbooks.

A total of 5 hours + on-demand guidance in-between sessions. The hours are divided over 3 individual sessions and comes with additional videos to deepen your exploration at your leisure.

This is for you if...

  • You're ready to reconnect to your innate power to birth and heal any past trauma, worries or mistrust between you & your body
  • You're open to letting go of sticking to one birth plan and welcoming your body, baby and circumstance to take the lead instead (with your bag full of holistic tools for a positive outcome, of course!)
  • You appreciate 1-on-1 guidance to personalise your journey, ask Deborah any questions and share your wishes or concerns with her in private
  • You're interested in natural remedies, the power of nutrition, personalised self-care and either dynamic or deep meditation to promote physical and mental ease/relief
  • You wish that your antenatal care wouldn't end with birth, but instead would continue to carry you through the fourth trimester and beyond

The Journey


  • Private Session + 20-minute follow-up and personalised self-care protocol
  • Bonus 1on1 if you go over your due date


  • 4 x birth preparation recording
  • 4 x fourth-trimester recording
  • 1 x "Closing the Bones" tutorial
  • 1 x bonus recording wk 41 & 42

6.5 hours of content


  • 1 x prenatal journal "Conversation with Birthing Energy"
  • 1 x postnatal journal with herbal formulas and nurturing postpartum recipes
  • 8 x practice, worksheet or recipe by email (wk 32 - due date)

Your Curriculum
The Recordings

  1. Pre-labour: "Are these contractions?", things to do & natural remedies - 1 hour
  2. Easing labour with bodywork, movement & breath - 1 hour
  3. Botanicals & Aroma for each stage of labour - 45 minutes
  4. The Golden Hour: the first hour of your baby's life on Earth - 45 minutes
  5. First Foods: nutrition for your Dosha + each week of the Postpartum window - 1 hour
  6. Bodywork for each stage of healing during the Postpartum window - 1 hour
  7. Botanicals for common postnatal ailments - 45 minutes
  8. Ayurveda & Breastfeeding + Ayurveda & perineal healing - 1 hour