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BODYTALK with Alena Candova

• 60-90min • • 1-1 Session •

BodyTalk is a healing modality based on Quantum physics designed to stimulate your body’s self healing mechanism. In BodyTalk we understand that the body-mind has an innate capacity to heal itself and that everything that manifests in the body-mind complex is connected with our emotions (unprocessed emotions from past traumas etc) and mind processes (subconscious beliefs from conditions of our upbringing and society that affect our thought patterns).

This is why each BodyTalk session is based on addressing the priorities of your unique body-mind, rather than focusing on the symptoms, because symptoms are just your bodys way of asking for help. Through this wholistic modality we are able to adress the physical, emotional and the mental level of health and well-being.

BodyTalk integrates Western medical knowledge of anatomy & physiology with Eastern medicine (TCM), Osteopathic & Chiropractic knowledge, Applied Kinesiology and Quantum Physics.

During the session we communicate with the subconscious of your body-mind using neuromuscular biofeedback to reveal which areas of your body-mind need balancing in order to address the underlying cause of your condition. We use various techniques and tapping that activate the brain and create changes in various electromagnetic fields of the body to promote healing.

Before your first session you will be asked to fill out a form so Alena can get an understanding of your health history and current complaints. Your first session starts with a video conversation to allow Alena to understand you at deeper level. After your chat you will be invited to relax while Alena starts establishing the first areas of balace for you. She will let you know through out the session what areas are being balanced and might ask you some questions if emotional memories or subconscious limiting beliefs arrise for balancing.