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Breakthrough Sessions with Harriet G

• 75min • • 1-1 Session • Online

Illuminating, embodying & empowering sessions that reconnect people with their creativity, so that they can go off & create innovative pathways in their own lives.

Opening to The Field (the Morphogenetic, or Unified Field) is to open to the Heart Space. It is to see through the Shaman's Eye.

In these deeply alchemical sessions, you hone the intention and then open The Field in order to move towards the next gentle opening, or 'movement' within what is organically possible. This might be simply setting up the system and accepting what is, or it might be several movements within the system to bring more cohesion and harmony to the whole - and thus a deeper level of integration.

Expect breakthroughs, even with long-standing blocks, issues and physical symptoms, that continue to tangibly integrate for many weeks, months and years after the session.

This will benefit you if:

  • You feel challenged in your closest relationships & deeply desire for more clarity & resolution
  • You are suffering with, or have suffered from burnout, overwhelm, anxiety, or depression, or feel like you just can’t keep up with what life is throwing at you
  • You feel isolated, different & don’t know where you fit in, possibly as a result of a deep spiritual awakening over recent years
  • You wish for understanding, clarity or closure on ancestral patterns, discontent or trauma that you have identified either in yourself or your family members & take the learnings that they offer you once & for all.

This personal, loving and safe space enables you to explore the depths of the unconscious within the capacity of your nervous system - and to leave with the clarity you need to take the necessary steps forward towards wholeness.