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Chi-Alignment Therapy with Khepraa with Medicine Festival

• 45min • £50 • Festivals • 15 - 19 Aug

This treatment session is offered in group of 6. Price is per person.

Via the working of the Chi machine, set at a fixed speed of 140 oscillations per minute, which harmonizes your heart and spinal fluid pump rate which in turn harmonises your bodily functions, promoting healthy blood pressure, increasing oxygen levels in such a way that in only 15 minutes it obtains the same oxygenation as with an hour of aerobic exercise.

The device subjects the whole body to a pleasant and constant zig zagging motion similar to the movement of a fish that massages from head to toe, these harmonic movements, not only free the spine and makes more oxygen reach more cells of the body, but also generates an energy that moves in the form of horizontal eight whose point of intersection is located in the solar plexus of the individual, third chakra, re-aligning your Chi energy, and opening up Chi pathways within the energy system to ensure maximum flow of healing source aiding in unblocking Chakras and allowing healing to occur. aids clients not only physically by loosening stiff muscles and joints, brings clients to an alpha brainwave state aided by Khepraa through guided meditation and gentle breathwork, Khepraa offers clients a space for emotional freedom, energetic attunement and releasing of physical blockages.

Khepraa will guide you through some breathwork connecting body and breath, while you lay on the yoga mat, with your feet on the cradle of the Chi -machine. The soothing rhythm bringing you to a relaxing and restorative healing vibration that oxygenates your whole body, basically pushing air into every cell, this puts you into an Alpha brainwave state of pure relaxation and bliss.

Once the machine stops you will feel the pulsing of your body feeling alive and refreshed, creating balance in your body, Khepraa will once again guide you through some breathwork to bring you gently back - resulting in anything from total relaxation, to an emotional release, some have described receiving deep insights or realisations, even past life regression. These sessions are group sessions of up to 4 people, one to one sessions on request.


In the event you wish to cancel your booking, Mamma will refund 50% of the fee up until August 11th.

After August 11th there are no refunds for cancellations.