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Voice Activation & Meditation One to One Session with Ilhem Khodja

• 60min • • 1-1 Session • Online

Ilhem's practice opens with a private exchange in order to understand the client's needs, intentions and life situation which allows herto craft an individual practice for each

It then contains breathing techniques, body awareness through gentle movements, toning, chakra harmonisation, voice activation as well as chosen mantra meditation.
The vibration of the sounds, the awareness of the body, the path of silence and the practice of the mantras takes the student into the heart of Yoga, the Union.

Freeing ourselves from self-judgement, we experience our own breath and voice as powerful tools to reconnect to our deeper selves, learning to listen and overcome mental, emotional, energetic blockages. It helps to find deep stress release and feel the power of vibration in our bodies and souls to heal and grow.

Session includes sharing/consulting.