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Cosmic Energy (Kozmoenergetika) Healing with Sezen O

• 60-90min •   • 1-1 Session • Online, London

Cosmic Energy is one of the strongest energy forms in the universe and has its roots deep in the ancient healing knowledge of Tibet, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece and Ancient Persia.

It works through different channels with related to different problems in life and body. Different channels have different frequencies which represent healthy organ and aura vibrations. Every person receives as much as their energy bio-field needs. The energy frequencies (channels) are this method’s main tools for energy clearing, healing, protection and information.

There are multiple healing benefits like for treating recent or chronic diseases, overall energy boost, chakra balancing, aura enhancement, clearing and neutralization of energy attacks & elimination of their consequences. It is also used for clearing places and fields to eliminate negative effects of jeopathic zones.