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Cupping with Lukas Bozik

• 60-120min • • 1-1 Session • Home visits

Cupping is an ancient treatment that dates back to Egypt but has been mostly known through Traditional Chinese Medicine. It opens up and stretches the tissues - skin, muscle and fascia - creating more space, relieving joint pain, improving range of motion.

It stimulates body's own short-termed localised inflammation as a healing process, improves immune response and aids lymphatic drainage which therefore helps locally with detoxification. Cups are applied in a static way or used to massage over skin, both have different use and benefits.

I'm using hot dry cupping which means using glass cups and fire to create vacuum but not pricking the skin to drain blood into the cup.

I can either provide cupping as a standalone treatment or implement it into the massage, the choice is yours.

If booking as a standalone treatment, make sure you don't suffer from eczema, psoriasis, issues with blood clotting (or being on blood thinners) or sunburn or have previously experienced liver, kidney or heart failure. If planning on going to wear revealing clothing or going to tan, it might be best to leave cupping for later as it might leave marks that tend to last from a few hours to a week (and it's best to avoid direct sun exposure of the skin for about a day).

Lukas offers home visits in central and west London in zones 1-3. If you would like to ask Lukas anything before making a booking please contact the team at Mamma.