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Tarot for Healing with Nix P

• 45min •   • 1-1 Session • Online

In an embodied tarot session, you can expect a heartfelt and often emotionally rooted tarot reading that can sometimes include offerings or invitations from Nix for stretches, movement sequences, or other prompts to bring your body into conversation with your energetic healing.

Nix begins each session by clearing the space and inviting you into a brief meditation in order to come to a shared intention for the reading. She then will draw as many cards as are willing to communicate with you both and walk through the messaging, intuition, and guidance they offer.

Sessions with Nix include an affirmation or mantra sent through to you after the reading has finished along with a photograph of your cards, and numerous ways to schedule in a 30 minute integration session with her in the following weeks if
you do need space to process after a reading is finished.