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Family Constellations with Matt Taylor

• 60min • • 1-1 Session • Online

These ancient techniques shed light on your unique soul and physical family constellations revealing hidden, often destructive karmic patterns, absorbed dynamics and subconscious behaviours and responses and resolve them at the quantum level.

These sessions bring you beyond the physical reality to find the real purpose for reincarnation with this particular group of people. You could be a person with a lot of family issues or a person with hardly any, either way, these healing tools will transform you at the soul and programme level so you can clear old karmic wounds, bonds, chaos and negativity and move forward.

In this space of healing, the formidable and simple power of the ancestry, relationship and family constellation work, you immediately, permanently and divinely release, resolve and free the inherited codes. Ancestry blueprint and family constellation are intense sessions but for those ready to hear their deepest work and most ancients of karma that they imported in the soul, they will receive amazing light-filled healing, upgrades and energetic re-coding.

If you have a question similar or the same as one or more of these questions below, then this session is for you.

  • How can I change behaviours that I absorbed from my family?
  • Why am I behaving in a way that seems like others and not my authentic self?
  • Why am I in a place where I am not moving forward due to some kind of blockage?
  • How can I transform patterns that I am unaware and unconscious of but want to heal?
  • Why am I living in scenarios which aren’t as fulfilling as they could be?
  • Why do I hold on to views, ideas, emotions, thoughts sometimes too strongly?
  • How can I move my actions formed and rooted in the past to a place where I am creating from my soul in the present moment?
  • Why am I in a loop instead of empowered to move forward?