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Hand Poke Tattoo Prayer; Ceremonies of Embodiment with Ezraiel with Medicine Tattoo

•   • £88p/h • 1-1 Session • 15 - 19 Aug

Welcoming all bodies, genders and beings into a safe and nurturing space to honour the sacred temple of the body. Hand Poke is a gentle, meditative and intimate way to receive tattoo, bringing the body into an inward journey and inviting reflection. We breathe in resonance with each poke of the needle, entering the altered space of the realms between the waking and the dreaming.

It is said that when we receive tattoo intentionally and through prayer/ceremony, we are anchoring the light codes on our aetheric body into our physical vessels. Thus these journeys are a Saying Yes to the embodiment of our soul, purpose, essence, into this body in the here and now.

Ezraiel is a Sekhem Teacher and Shamanic Practitioner, so the healing presence of herbs, energetic healing & sound medicine is woven into each tattoo prayer. 

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