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Handpoke with Crystals - Tattoo Talisman Ceremony with Manuela Ruas with Medicine Tattoo

• 2-4 hrs • £180-£270p/h • 1-1 Session • 15 - 19 Aug

Invoke through your skin the truth of your soul. 

This ceremony is a journey crafted to potentiate and anchor your prayer in a psycho-magical act. With sound healing frequencies, prayer, meditation, energy healing, and sacred aromatic plants thoughtfully curated to create a harmonious environment, together with Manuela, you will pray for your intention and eternalize it on your skin in the form of a Sacred Tattoo Talisman.

With over 8 years as a handpoke tattoo artitst and several certificates in holistic therapies, Manuela's spiritual path is reflected in her tattoo ceremonies. She works with an ancestral tattooing technique called handpoke and uses quartz crystals as support for the needles, which infuse your Talisman with crystalline frequency.

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    Because your Talisman will be channeled specially for you and you must communicate with Manuela to estimate how long you will need for your Ceremony. We kindly ask you to book directly with Manuela here.