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Hypnotherapy with Desi Ivanova

• 60min • • 1-1 Session • Online

Hypnosis is a safe, relaxed state of focused attention and increased suggestibility, during which positive suggestions, based specifically on your individual needs, and guided imagery are used to help with a variety of mental, physical and emotional concerns.

Desi will begin by taking a detailed case history to establish your mindset, personality type, the problem you wish to address and the desired outcome. This cognitive part of the session usually takes about 20 mins.

Next comes the hypnosis itself. For that, you will be asked to lie down comfortably on your bed or sofa and have your computer positioned in a way that Desi may see your face throughout the entire hypnosis.

She will guide you into a state where body and mind are deeply relaxed. She does a gentle induction (not a rapid one) starting with a full body relaxation and then takes you to a deeper hypnotic trance. Desi will guide the hypnosis in alignment with your specific needs and personality.

In the hypnotic state, you are still conscious and aware yet you have full access to your subconscious mind. At this stage, Desi will introduce the things you wish to change/work on, as previously discussed and agreed on with you.

Once she brings you out of hypnosis, you will spend the last few minutes discussing your experience, and any insights gained.

Note: Prior to booking a hypnosis session, you should book a free 15min consultation, so you can determine how hypnosis can work for you. It is also a chance for the you to ask questions about hypnotherapy and Desi's practice.