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Blueprint Follow Up Sessions with Julia Scott

• 60-90min • • 1-1 Session •

After you have received your Blueprint, most clients find it helpful to continue to work with me to fully integrate and create life-long transformational change. Once we have established a baseline and your health improves, we have the opportunity to dig deeper into more nuanced aspects of your health and life you would like to optimize. Together we can reflect on any obstacles and mindset blocks that are hindering your progress that may have come to light since our last meeting. The longer we work together the deeper we can go and offers the space and time to make further adjustments to your protocol on a mental, emotional, physical and nutritional level.

  • Monitoring and Refining Blueprint — Continued monitoring of how your blueprint is working for you, charting improvements in the symptomology of why you sought counsel as it continues to be integrated into your body and life. Each session I will update and refine your blueprint with dietary, supplementary, mindset and lifestyle recommendations to support where you are in your health journey.
  • Weekly Accountability Check-ins — I provide you with ongoing support to help you reach your health goals and help you resolve challenges (mindset, emotional, social, dietarily) as they arise. I will check in with you each Monday to keep the momentum going and answer any questions or concerns for the week ahead. Perhaps help navigate a big social occasion coming up where you would be tempted to over-indulge unconsciously?
  • Additional Coaching Resources — Tailored to you throughout our counsel relationship; including lifestyle and inner-work handouts and video/audio recording (fitness programs, meditations, yoga videos etc) provided as appropriate, to enhance your wellbeing.
  • Additional Bespoke Recipe Creation and Menu Support — I create another additional menu and recipe plan halfway through to support your tastebuds! As well as additional meal prep and planning resources. Also, I am always open to creating more recipes for that thing you are craving (baked beans and cheese on toast but healthier! or sweet treats) whenever you ask for them or seem appropriate.
  • Whatsapp + Email Support — Available between coaching sessions to ensure you are fully supported throughout your journey.