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Inner Child Healing with Esther Evers

• 3hrs •   • 1-1 Session • Online

It is a very challenging time right now, which may trigger emotional childhood wounds. Esther helps you heal those childhood wounds, so that you can navigate these uncertain times feeling more trusting, safe, empowered and loved.

Our childlike innocence, wonder, carefreeness and creativity, as well as our unmet needs and childhood trauma such as sadness, guilt, anger, shame and pain from being rejected, unloved or ignored are often still very active in us.

In this 2.5h Inner Child Healing you'll learn to:

  • Connect with your inner child so that a real bond can be felt.
  • Identify the exact ways your inner child is crying out for help through anxiety, fear, neediness, sabotage and procrastination.
  • Talk with your inner child and find out what he or she needs to feel safe, loved, worthy, joyful and free.
  • Explore childhood events that will empower you to heal past trauma without having to relive it.
  • Reprogram the subconscious mind so that you're neurologically supported in releasing old traumatic stories and embracing your truth.
  • Forgive your parents or anyone that has hurt you when you were young.

By healing your inner child, the more connected and resilient you will be.

You deserve to feel safe, worthy and joyful in your full expression. It is time to bring that precious one home!


"Life Changing"

My recent session of Inner Child Healing with Esther was nothing less than life changing.

Her subtle but effective method is the key here. She can almost immediately create this sense of comfort and safety. And in that space we turned the negatives into positives

Truly remarkable results for myself. Feeling blessed and very grateful for this. I will definitely book additional sessions.

Thank you so very much Esther.

- Alan C. Alaska