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Innerspeak with Sezen O

• 60-90min •   • 1-1 Session • Online, London

Innerspeak is a new age energy healing modality developed by Jean Adrienne. It is a great way to clear the problematic loops in your life.

During the session you connect with your higher-self to understand, clear and heal what is blocking you in your life. This might be related to a thought form, an old-programming, an ancestral problem or a past-life issue. In a single session, you can feel “lighter” as old blocks and burdens released.

You can let go of pain - physical and emotional, gaining focus and clarity. You can heal relationship issues and remove the blocks that stifle your inflow- your ability to receive love, money and success. This method is a portal into the time/space continuum, taking you to a point where you made a mistake and created a block for yourself. It is only at that point that the error can be corrected. Once dealt with, the past is cleared-once and for all.

This modality is very gentle and has short meditations in it which is easy to do and adapt during the session.