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Intuitive Reading with Cat Faith

• 80min • Tue & Wed • 1-1 Session • Online, Tulum Mexico

During this session, you can open communication with source and access guidance on a specific topic.

Looking into the future can prove to be limiting. Future holds countless possibilities and timelines so when a download is being made, the other options are completely disregarded.

We can impact the present and future by healing the past (circular time) and this is how Cat prefers to work.

Cat will use a sacred oracle, created over 33 years that contains paintings of medicine woman from tribes all over the world. Using this imagery as a portal for communication and a few other tools she will bring light on blockages that need to be shifted.  

Questions unfold organically and Cat will mediate communication. By the end of the session you will get clarity on how to move forward and you will receive an energetic action plan.

Everything that is revealed during the session will be integrated in a meditation where you will actively interact with the messengers and will learn to use the tools that you have received.

How to prepare for a session:
You can either have a specific topic in mind that you need guidance on, or you can allow the universe to inform you on what you need to know at the time being. Before starting the session, Cat will take time to formulate questions and together you will identify the areas that need to be addressed. If the session is happening remotely please have a candle, headphones and pen and paper ready.