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Life Healing Meditation with Michael Watson

• 70min • • 1-1 Session • Online

Meditation and Healing 

It's Time to become Reborn into the true you, Whole, Happy and Free. 

For So many years Michael has been obsessed with the Mind, Body and Spirit and the power that we have inside us to truly achieve and be anything we want. He has studied all the great teachers before him and from that he found the key ingredients to manifest and heal for anyone. It does not matter who you are or where you're from, what you've been through. We all have the power within us to be supernatural and change our lives

With his coaching Michael has helped hundreds of people heal, create jobs, relationships, unexpected miracles...the list goes on. 

Stop seeing meditation as a spiritual and mystical practice and start seeing it as a science to help you get what you want from life whether that would be a healing or a new job. Take the time to run the experiment and let Michael give you the formula. Take it step by step with Michaels expert guidance and become the creator you were born to be

What is a session like? 

A typical session with Michael is 1hr and 10 mins. During the first part Michael will chat with you about what it is you want to create and guide you through the process to get out of your own way and connect to something deep within you. Coaching you on the steps to create and heal.

The next step will have Michael guide you through a personalised meditation. This will be a very transformative experience as you are guided to a space of pure consciousness. This is the magic place where your mind can affect matter. The place where you have access to the quantum field of potential. Here if you can get a clear focus with an elevated emotion you will draw your outcome to you.

Then Michael will send you the meditation recording to repeat with his instructions on how to be the guard of your mind. Join the hundreds of people whose lives have been changed by this work