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Mindfulness & Meditation Online Programme with Monika Jazwinska

• 6 X 60min/session • • 1-1 Session • Online

Welcome to 'Holiday for the Soul' - a space where you can relax your body, clear your mind and have a break, a mini-holiday for your soul. Nothing is required of you except your presence. Just come and enjoy - this is your time! 

The programme is simple:

  • A gentle guided meditation - sitting on a chair or meditation cushion following your breath (beginners and seasoned meditators are equally welcome!)
  • Breathwork and variety of other short techniques to help you restore balance and come back to your centre. During each session a new technique is introduced
  • A deep restorative relaxation/visualisation - resting on yoga mats, cocooned with blankets, listening to relaxing music and the soothing voice of your guide. (you may want to prepare a blanket and a pillow if you like)