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Nutrition with Mays with Mays A

• 3 month package • • 1-1 Session • Online

An inital consultation with Mays will last approximately 75-90 minutes. During the consultation she will gather a full health and life case history including digestion, sleep routine, stress levels, mental wellbeing and assessment of any signs or symptoms of dysfunction. You will also discuss your family's health to establish potential genetic patterns.

Your consultation will focus on identifying any clinical imbalances to help you address key areas you need support with. Mays will then create a personalised plan that suits your requirements. In some cases she may suggest further laboratory functional testing such as in depth stool tests, organic acids energy metabolism tests or genetic testing to find out how your genes can influence your lifestyle and food choices.

Prior to your appointment Mays will ask you to keep a food diary which you will need to bring with you to the consultation. You will also be required to complete a detailed health questionnaire which provides an insight into your health history, current nutrition, exercise routine and lifestyle and most importantly your personal health goals. Please also bring with you any previous medical/health tests and details of your prescription medication and/or natural supplements.

Mays will then suggest a bespoke nutritional wellness plan including detailed dietary information, recipes, lifestyle changes, exercise plans, natural supplements or therapeutic techniques depending on your individual needs. You will then meet every week, 2 weeks or monthly depending on the choice of package.