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Past Life Regression Therapy with Matt Taylor

• 90min • • 1-1 Session • Online

Past Life Regression is a powerful intervention tool at the energetic level that instigates instant disruption and profound karmic change taking you out of old, outdated scenarios with immediate effect. These sessions with Matt contain the mystical healing techniques to change your future and remove chaos.

This technique contains unique, secret and highly powerful healing to remedy and uproot past life karma to radically change your path right away. This esoteric approach to regression differs from most regressionists who will show you your past life, but don’t have the ancient healing tools or consciousness.

Past Life Regression Therapy sessions are in three parts including briefing, the regression and the debriefing. The power of these sessions to eradicate chaos or negativity quickly is highly successful for beginners and experienced alike. The regression is created so that anyone can access the information, heal, transform and move forward.

If you have a question similar or the same as one or more of these questions below, then this session is for you.

  • Why do I have emotions or reactions that are more extreme than what the situation is?
  • Why do I have recurring patterns of behaviours and responses that are not within my control?
  • Why do I attract similar kinds of people into my life and can’t seem to break this cycle?
  • Why am I drawn to certain kinds of situations and scenarios that ultimately aren’t good for me?
  • Why do I have trouble manifesting certainty and joy in particular areas of my life?
  • Why do I have stress, trauma, low esteem or unusual behavior that is inexplicable in certain areas of my life?
  • How can I gain deeper understanding and insights into who I really am and how I can work through problems, blockages and chaos?