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• 270min • • 1-1 Session • Online

Esther will guide you through a deeply transformative exploration of one or more past lives related to an unresolved trauma or issue in your current life. You will receive new insights and answers to questions you may have, allowing for energies and beliefs that no longer serve you to be released and profound healing to occur.

Traumatic experiences from your past that caused you emotional or physical distress often remain in your energetic nervous system, blocking your natural flow of love, joy and abundance in your present life.

Regression Therapy involves connecting to the root cause of the trauma in your subconscious awareness through hypnosis. Which may take you to early childhood and beyond as for most of us this is not the first time we're learning about a certain theme or challenge.

While exploring the root cause, we release and transform the trauma and gain a whole new understanding of how to forgive, feel free, empowered, loved and joyful again.

Past Life Regression therapy is one of the most powerful therapies to date in reprogramming your subconscious mind and in clearing any emotional, mental and physical blockages pertaining to:
Creating abundance Discovering of life purpose Love relationships Physical pain, stress and disease Depression and lack of self-confidence Insomnia, phobias, fears, anxieties and addictions Anger issues, guilt and difficulties forgiving

Past Life Regression therapy allows you to remember who your truly are and to embrace your full potential in your current life!