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Sacred Swaddling ceremony with Angelika O

• 5hrs • • 1-1 Session • New Forest, Hampshire

A ceremony guiding you from one life experience to another..

Suitable for:

💫transition into new stage of life (wedding, divorce, new career)
💫planning pregnancy
💫healing grief
💫recovering from illness
💫new mothers, after giving birth
💫womb cycle change (menarche, perimenopause, meopause)
💫birthday gift

Each stage of the ritual is unique and yet intertwined, taking you deeper into the journey of rebirthing.
Healing you multidimensionaly


💫Conversation - Warm and gentle talk, we discover where you are now, what to let go of and we form an intention to practice.

💫Mandala making - create this intention from flowers and herbs on a white piece of muslin cloth. These are then brewed to use later in your sacred water.

💫Rebozo - a relaxing anti gravity massage with scarves. This opens the body up, realeases blockages, stress and tension in the body.

💫Water Cleansing ritual - in candle lit both with flowers and herbs. Water is structured with intention, warming your body and soul.

💫Aromatherapy massage - using a personalised blend of essential oils. Awakening and nourishing the senses.

💫Closing and opening 7 locks. - using the rebozo scarves . Locks symbolise doors, we close doors to the old and open them to a new.

💫Sound Healing.

‘A nurturing transformational healing, I felt so held, moved and renewed’

The ceremony takes you into a portal where time disappears.

It can take from 5 hours to 7 hours, depending on your process. This day is for YOU to receive the ultimate gift.