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Soul Guidance (Channeling) with Esther Evers

• 90min • • 1-1 Session • Online

Has your Soul been longing for more?

More meaning, more abundance, more connection?

More love, more joy, more purpose?

Esther is offering an absolutely mind-blowing and highly empowering Soul Guidance session during which she will connect with your higher Self or Soul whom will be your loving support in reigniting your soul's essence, full of abundance and highest truth while answering any questions you may have pertaining to any area or issues in your life and by channeling its profound guidance and wisdom directly through her.

What does your Soul tell you?
This Soul Guidance will not only inspire you to rediscover who you truly are and your highest calling – it will help you trust your instincts and clarify any questions you may have about your:


A Soul Guidance session is the ultimate gift of connecting directly with the truth of your soul! 


“Magnificent Beyond Measure!”

I have had many, many channeled sessions from high-frequency sources for most of my adult life at times where I felt I needed guidance, but I have to say that in the four sessions that I had with Esther, the answers were rarified and magnificent beyond measure!

In each case I was addressed directly by my soul or higher self. Each question that I wanted addressed was delved into with so much detail and truth that it’s going to take me several times listening to it to really grasp the depth and breadth of what I might choose to do if I really want to fulfil what I came into this life to fulfill.

Esther is an incredibly clear channel and I felt absolutely no filter coloring the information that came through her. I would recommend her to anybody who really wants to hear the truth about what their soul is wanting them to know at the deepest level.

Gaelyn Larrick, USA