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Star Seed’s Skin Healing Glow Facial with holistic facialist Emilie Jaspers with Medicine Festival

• 45min • £65 • 1-1 Session • 15 - 19 Aug

Experience the rejuvenating power of the Skin Healing Glow Facial, a nature-focused journey involving touch, taste, scent and sound. Emilie’s intuitive touch and expertise harmonise with your unique skin's needs, ensuring a deeply nourishing and revitalising experience for your face, neck, and shoulders.

Star Seed's Skin Healing Glow Facial will be carefully curated to address your skin and personal health requirements. This treatment emphasises skin healing & regeneration. The facial supports the skin microbiome and leverages the anti-inflammatory properties of Star Seed’s wild and organic botanical products to rejuvenate and soothe your skin.

What’s included:

Brief Consultation:
A brief but thorough skin consultation and skin health analysis to tailor the treatment to your specific needs, whether you are pregnant, have rosacea, mild eczema or deal with ultra-sensitive skin.

A rejuvenating skin elixir drink:
Our skincare is pure enough to eat. Emilie eats several of the botanical ingredients in Star Seed's product on a daily basis for their skin healing benefits. Have a taste of some of the wonderful superfoods like sea buckthorn, black seed and moringa.

Holistic Facial Treatment:
This luxurious facial is designed to deeply cleanse, rejuvenate, heal and nourish, using Star Seed's fragrance-free botanical range with powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

Facial Massage:
Indulge in the ultra-relaxing Facial Massage that targets your neck, shoulders, and face. This lifting and sculpting massage not only relieves tension and pain but also helps smooth the appearance of wrinkles, tones muscles for a more defined look, and promotes lymphatic drainage and increased blood flow. The combination of these benefits leaves your skin looking and feeling revitalised.

I will be using aromatherapy grade essential oils during the facial treatment, with a streaming device. This allows essential oils to be distributed into the air, enhancing relaxation and reducing stress, without contacting sensitive skin. This method also promotes a calming atmosphere and can help improve mood and overall well-being during the treatment.

Personalised Skin Care:
Application of Star Seed’s wild and organic botanical skincare products, curated for your skin type to enhance the skin microbiome and support overall skin health.

Sound healing journey:
Each session includes a small sound bath using Japanese wind chimes, transforming the space into a haven of peace and tranquillity, providing auditory pleasure, whilst enhancing relaxation. The soothing sounds of Japanese wind chimes help activate the parasympathetic nervous system, promoting relaxation and allowing the body to begin its natural healing process.

Final Integration:
Closing moments to ground and integrate the treatment, leaving you and your skin feeling calm, balanced and glowingly revitalised.

The Skin Healing Glow Facial not only enhances your skin’s natural beauty but also elevates your overall sense of well-being. Revel in the profound effects of this transformative experience, feeling lighter, uplifted, and deeply nourished.


In the event you wish to cancel your booking, Mamma will refund 50% of the fee up until August 11th.

After August 11th there are no refunds for cancellations.