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Thai Massage with Paul Brumwell with Medicine Massage

• 60-90min • £65-£90 • 1-1 Session • 15 - 19 Aug

Traditional Thai Massage Therapy is performed fully clothed on a cushioned mat on the floor. It is an effective and therapeutic, full-body treatment that can achieve deep and long lasting improvements to health.

Deep compression, acupressure and passive stretches soften muscles, tendons and loosen joints release built up tension, remove knots or blocks of stagnant energy and re-establish flexibility.

Thai Massage significantly reduces pain and restores ease of movement leaving you with a sense of lightness and rejuvenation.


In the event you wish to cancel your booking, Mamma will refund 50% of the fee up until August 11th.

After August 11th there are no refunds for cancellations.