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Usui Reiki with Karen Banyon with Medicine Festival

• 30-60min • £40-£70 • 1-1 Session • 15 - 19 Aug

Karen’s Reiki lineage can be traced back to the Mikao Usui the founder of Reiki. Through gentle touch and energy transfer Reiki has a profoundly calming and relaxing effect on the body. It works on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level, helping us to become with ourselves again.

It has its own divine intelligence, clients can experience a full spectrum from astral travelling to having strong emotions or even having a healing acceleration. The session will stimulate the bodies capacity heal itself by unblocking stuck energy and toxins and recharging your batteries.

Karen also uses ancient sacred oils at the start of her Reiki sessions. One of the oils Spikenard was used to anoint Jesus’s feet before the last supper.



In the event you wish to cancel your booking, Mamma will refund 50% of the fee up until August 11th.

After August 11th there are no refunds for cancellations