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Vedic Meditation Group Course with Sam W

• 7 hrs in 4 sessions •   • 1-1 Session • Online

Teaching Vedic meditation over 4 sessions.

During the first session you will receive your own personal mantra or sound and learn how to effortlessly meditate on your own in a 1-1 setting.

The following three sessions will be as a group and are all about refining the technique and diving into the knowledge of the mind-body connection, the impact of stress, accessing your own intuition and feeling more fulfilled.

By the end of the fourth session you will be a fully self sufficient Vedic meditator, whilst receiving ongoing support from us and the wider meditation community.

Upcoming course dates: 

27-30 October 2022
21-24 November 2022
16-19 December 2022
27-30 January 2023