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Yoga Nidra & Sound Bath journey with Pennie Ludlow

• 90min • • 1-1 Session • Online

Yoga Nidra, or ‘yogic sleep’ is one of the single most potent practices to engage in because it delivers you to a very similar brain wave state as the deepest of sleeps.

The inability to rest and sleep is a common disorder of our modern day age as so many feel that they must be switched on and available 24/7.

We spend more and more time concentrating on the many channels of digital communication on top of everyday pressures. And it can easily be the case that we find our minds just cannot quiet down when we need them to.

The evidence is indisputable; getting a good night’s sleep and adequate rest is the best way to refresh and regenerate the mind, body and energy, although this can feel very hard to achieve at times, and even on a regular basis.

Discounted for a limited time until 22nd February 2023 (regular price at £125.00)