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How to navigate change mindfully

A new year is upon us and with it the opportunity for a fresh start and resolutions. However, you may be looking toward a year full of events, difficult situations, and challenges. Let’s look at how to navigate change with mindfulness…  

Don't resist 

Change, either good or bad, is inevitable and it’s how we react to it that counts. The main reasons we fight changes are the uncertainty of the future, fear of failure, and the possibility of leaving our comfort zone. Be mindful that with change comes growth and emotional development. So when you’re struggling to welcome change, try to view the situation from an outside perspective and focus on the benefits. Resisting change will only cause deep-rooted upset and aggravation. Let go and enjoy the journey of life. 

Focus on routine 

During uncertain times one thing that can remain constant is your routine. You don’t need to plan out every minute but create little rituals in your day to bring calm. Make yourself a cup of tea at 11 am every morning, meditate for 10 mins on your lunch break or cook dinner every day at 5 pm. These constants help us to feel grounded when we’re going through unsure times.   

Check-in with yourself 

Let’s schedule in some me time. The practice of self-care has the same foundations of mindfulness! We all reflect and reconnect with ourselves in different ways. It could be 10 minutes of guided meditation, a yoga class with friends, or even a long walk in the countryside. Switch off your phone, clear your mind and spend that time focusing on you! 

Your feelings are valid!

It is completely understandable if you’re struggling with change. It can be emotionally challenging to accept. Don’t suffer in silence, change can make you feel isolated so be sure to reach out to your support system of either friends or family. Let them know how you’ve been feeling and start feeling supported. 

We’re here for you. 

If you want to take your mindfulness to the next level, Mamma offers a targeted mindfulness and meditation practice that guarantees to bring a pocket of peace to your day. Our practitioners are on hand to mentor and guide you through varied techniques that are right for you.

 If you’re not sure where to start, why not book a consultation with Mamma? Taking the plunge to book a session can bring with it some anxiety. That’s why our consultations are the perfect way to dip your toes in the water.

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