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Myths & Fears - Psychic intuitive readings

This month Mamma is interviewing psychic medium and numerologist Susie Darling to help us shed light on some fears & myths around Tarot.


How do your psychic intuitive readings work?

Psychic readings are a bit like turning on a light in a dimly lit room. By this I mean that there are times in all of our lives when we feel uncertain, overwhelmed, stuck, anxious, disappointed, upset and we’re can’t easily see the road ahead. In short we’re in need of answers or a sense of direction.

A psychic medium is able to connect with your energy and bring you insights that can help you to view your situation in a new light and understand people and circumstances in a different way.

It means that you can be free of the ‘not knowing’ and the stress and frustration that come with that. Instead you can have a new understanding and you can enjoy a sense of peace and calm.

In a session, I typically read your energy. I may use tarot cards or other divination tools and I may work mediumistically by connecting with spirit. It’s all very dependent on you and your needs.

The experience (I’m told) tends to be soothing, comfortable and revelatory. You’re held in a safe and private space so you’re able to ask and say anything that you need to without any fear of judgement.

What can a tarot, psychic or mediumistic reading support you with?

The many different things that make up a life. Love, work, loss, life direction and more.

Psychic readings are essentially about healing and empowerment. They’re a gift that can give you an advantage in life - the gift of knowing and understanding - and it’s so good to see more and more people making full use of them.
Readings with a psychic medium are an opportunity to get a 360° under the skin view on circumstances that may have left you feeling adrift or may be causing you to feel stressed or anxious.

For example, we don’t always get closure when relationships end or with loved ones who have passed. A reading can put you on the path to finding closure. Similarly it can often provide some comfort and peace for people who are mourning loved ones.

It’s important to add that an intuitive reading isn’t therapy or a replacement for therapy. It’s an opportunity for insights and/or spiritual guidance.

Will you tell me anything scary?

No, absolutely not. That’s not how readings work but I can understand why people can feel a bit nervous. I used to feel that way.

Film and TV - particularly horror genres - have a lot to answer for! That’s generally where you’ll see spooky seers spreading panic, fear and chaos. If you did that in real life you’d probably be locked up. I have a story that perfectly illustrates this but that’s for another time.

Readings aren’t about imparting scary information. They’re about uplifting you, helping you to see the bigger picture and bringing you a greater depth of understanding about your situation and your life. Readings can be reassuring, heartwarming and they can be fun.

If you ever have a reading with a reader who tells you something frightening, it’s likely to be a scam. A genuine, reputable reader would never do that.

How do I know what you are saying is true?

You’ll know. You’ll know because you won’t be asked lots of questions. You’ll also know because what is said during the reading won’t be generic, it will resonate strongly with you.

People are often very surprised at how accurate readings can be.

However, I think it’s important to stress that with any reading (Just like with any service) recommendations are key. It’s always a good idea to see someone who has been recommended to you by a trusted person or someone who is affiliated with a trusted organisation. Booking someone through Mamma should give you peace of mind since Mamma practitioners are fully vetted.

How should I expect to feel after an intuitive tarot reading?

Clients often tell me that they feel lighter, more enthusiastic, at peace, soothed, more hopeful, motivated and clear headed.

What are your clients biggest fears around psychic readings?

I would imagine that it’s about being told something bad about their or a loved one’s future but please rest assured. That’s not how a reading works.

I - and many of the psychics mediums that I know - have received development training.

Part of that training is in how to speak with the public. We understand that we’re dealing with humans and real lives and we understand the importance of treating whoever comes to us with sensitivity, respect and a great deal of care.
If you feel nervous, you can say so. Often you’ll feel better just for having said this out loud and you’ll be looked after accordingly.

Will what you tell me alter my future?

Readings aren’t always about you making seismic changes in your life. Sometimes they’re about you receiving reassurance or confirmation surrounding things that you already knew.

That might well be all you wanted or needed.

Readings also tend to be more focused on the here and now. They can equip you with information that you can use in whichever way you choose to create the future that you want. They won’t - or shouldn’t - tell you to leave your partner and marry a premiership footballer you once walked by in the street. I think that we can say that that would be a bright red flag. What you choose to do with the information that you receive during a reading is up to you.

If you’re lucky enough to have a level of control over your future, then you know that your future belongs to you. A psychic medium can't alter your future. You are the captain of your ship. You decide what you will or won’t do with the information that you receive.

What do you feel the benefits of a psychic reading are?

Things are changing and it’s heartwarming to see. The stigma that was associated with having a reading is fading. Increasing numbers of people are aware of the unique advantage that they can gain from having a reading with an honest psychic medium and they book appointments to help them navigate the tricky or foggy parts of life that we all go through.

There are times in life when we all feel stuck or hopeless so being able to talk to a psychic who can see where you’ve been, where you are or where you wish to go can be a truly golden and magical thing. It’s life affirming and it brings back some wonder in your life as you’re able to acknowledge that there is so much more to life, and that includes spiritual

What is your journey to becoming a psychic medium?

I was a UK and US based publicist working with pop stars. I was aware of my psychic and mediumistic abilities but I buried that part of me and chose to focus on life and work. A trip to Peru and some very enlightening experiences along the way changed that for me.

What would you say your biggest transformation has been with tarot?

You can’t grade transformation. Being able to get out of bed or laugh again may be a bigger and more meaningful transformation than the person who moved across the world to start the super successful business of their dreams.
I will say that it’s an enormous privilege and blessing to be involved in this work and to be a witness to people’s blossoming. I’m lucky to have wonderful clients who are some of my greatest teachers. This work has taught me much about life, humanity and how there is so much more that exists beyond what the eye is capable of seeing. I feel transformed by my experiences and the experiences of others.

Do online psychic readings work?

Online psychic readings, online tarot readings and online readings with a medium work just as well as in person readings. You can connect with a person’s energy as well, there’s no difference.

It also means that you can have a reading at home without having to travel across town or beat the clock so you’re more likely to be relaxed and comfortable.

Another benefit is that you can have an online psychic reading in London, New York, Ottawa or wherever else you are in the world.

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