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Myths & fears - Past life regression

This month Mamma is interviewing psychic medium and numerologist Esther Evers to help us shed light on some fears & myths around Tarot.

What is past life regression therapy?

Traumatic experiences from your past that caused you emotional or physical distress often remain in your energetic nervous system, blocking your natural flow of love, joy and abundance in your present life.

Past Life Regression Therapy involves connecting to the root cause of the trauma in your subconscious awareness through hypnosis. Which may take you to early childhood and beyond to other lifetimes as for most of us this is not the first time we’re learning about a certain theme or challenge. While exploring the root cause, we release and transform the trauma and gain a whole new understanding of how to forgive, feel free, empowered, loved and joyful again.

What can past life regression therapy help with?

 Past Life Regression therapy is one of the most powerful therapies to date in reprogramming your subconscious mind and in clearing any emotional, mental and physical blockages pertaining to nearly all issues, but to name a few: 

◦          Creating abundance
◦          Feeling stuck or unfulfilled
◦          Discovering of life purpose
◦          Love relationships
◦          Physical pain, stress and disease
◦          Depression and lack of self-confidence
◦          Insomnia, phobias, fears, anxieties and addictions
◦          Anger issues, guilt and difficulties forgiving

Will you show me anything scary from my past lives?

Past Life Regression therapy doesn't involve anyone showing or telling you what happened (scary or not) in a past life. In a professionally conducted Past Life Regression session, you will personally explore and experience other lifetimes involving a profound process of releasing and transforming anything that no longer serves you.

It is important to note that your higher Self will not allow anything to arise that you can not handle at this moment in time.

Are you clairvoyant (do you communicate with lost relatives)?

I am not a Medium (which is the name for a practitioner who communicates with the deceased) or a clairvoyant.

What happens in a past life regression therapy session?

 We begin by talking about you and your life and by going over the answers of the confidential questionnaire that you would have reflected on prior to our session, including challenges you’re encountering and the reason for you to seek regression therapy.

This is an important part of our session as it’ll give us a chance to connect and for you to get to know me and feel comfortable with me and to reassure yourself that you can trust me and the process.

Next we’ll proceed with the actual regression session in which I guide you into a state of deep relaxation and focus, as that is how most people experience a state of clinical hypnosis or trance, allowing the subconscious mind to instill an awareness that isn’t accessible with just your conscious mind. See it as your conscious mind taking a seat on the back burner, a silent witness if you like, yet you remain in control at all times.

You may either receive images, or a feeling or sense of knowing or maybe even a smell or a sound. No matter how irrelevant they may seem to you, they might be pivotal in allowing a story to develop and thus it is of utmost importance for you to share openly with me and not to concern yourself with whether what you see or feel is real or not. Often when people think nothing is happening it is due to the fact that they had preconceived notions and expectations and brushed away a vision or thought as imagination. There is absolutely no rush or pressure as usually a story evolves an image or scene at a time and I’m there to guide and support you through it every step of the way. 

Ultimately you are responsible for your own experience and when you enter a past life, all I'll ask from you is to go in with an open mind and let things flow and to trust in the knowing that your higher Self only allows things to surface that are beneficial to your healing process.

What are your clients biggest fears around past life regression therapy?

It is perfectly normal to feel nervous going into a regression session as you're heading into the unknown, but my clients are often able to surrender to the process rather easily as I make sure they feel supported and safe through each step of their journey.

Some clients are fearful about hypnosis and wonder whether they can get "stuck in it". Yet they feel reassured, once I explain that clinical hypnosis involves a state of deep relaxation and focus, during which you remain in control at all times and that it is a very different approach than the entertainment hypnosis shows some clients have in mind.

A small percentage of my clients are fearful of suffering physical pain in a past life. I can promise that remembering and knowing what happened is enough for us to work with, without having to go into the details of the potential physical pain or trauma.

Yet should a particular body part still carry trauma on a cellular level, especially if that exact same body part is playing up in the client's current life, we'll do an additional healing process involving just the body part, allowing for any cellular trauma and physical tension to be released.

Can I have past life regression therapy online?

Yes. Online sessions via Zoom video are conducted exactly the same as an in-person session. The most well-known Regression therapists conduct 95% of their sessions online because of the great success rate with people being more comfortable and relaxed in their own home.

How do you feel after past life regression therapy?

It all depends on the intention of the session and what issue or trauma we set out to heal. But overall, my clients feel in awe when coming out of a session, deeply empowered, loved, joyful, peaceful and inspired to go forth and embrace their full potential in their current life.

What is your journey to becoming a past life regression therapist? 

It all started with the amazing book "Many Lives, Many Masters"  by Dr. Brian Weiss. Only fifty pages into this fascinating story, a strong inner voice compelled me to apply to become a Past Life Regression Therapist with one of the most esteemed Past Life Regression Academies in the world, a nearly two year commitment. What transpired after, is too much to share in a mere paragraph, yet what I can say is that I have been blessed to receive profound life changing and transformational healing through my own mind-blowing past life regression sessions and have ever since been extremely passionate about guiding others in experiencing the incredible possibilities a regression session holds.

My love and passion for this therapy led me to train with Andy Tomlinson, a renowned regression therapist, Director of the Past Life Regression Academy and author of “Healing the Eternal Soul” and “Exploring the Eternal Soul”.

What would you say your biggest transformation has been with past life regression therapy?

Past Life Regression therapy has been essential in gaining a much deeper understanding of my own soul journey and higher purpose. The soul contracts and lessons my soul set out to experience through many different lifetimes in order to grow and expand. Yet the main transformation is that it has allowed me to break free from any self-defeating beliefs and truly embody my worthiness and self love and to heal deep heartache and arise feeling empowered, trusting and supported on my journey -both in the highs & lows- and in serving the world with my gifts. 

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