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Myths & Fears - Hypnotherapy

Trying something new can often feel daunting & even scary, especially if we are seeking support with our wellbeing.

Mamma will be interviewing one of their top curated practitioners each month to help lift the veil on some of well-beings unanswered questions. 

Our first Q&A is with Mamma transformational coach & hypnotherapist Annabella Zeiddar to help us shed light on some fears & myths around hypnotherapy

How does hypnotherapy work?

Under the guidance of a hypnotherapist, the client enters a trance like state where they will more easily accept suggestions that allow positive change to occur. This is because when they’re in hypnosis, the conscious part of their mind is relaxed and the therapist can access the usually closed off subconscious mind which drives all our behaviours – good and bad! 

What can hypnotherapy help me with?

It’s commonly thought of as something that can help people stop smoking or deal with a phobia of some sort but it’s so much more than that. With a couple of exceptions, it can pretty much help with anything – including confidence and self esteem, addiction, anxiety and depression, physical issues and disordered eating.

Will I be under your control, and unable to think or act for myself?

Absolutely not! This is a common misconception about hypnosis which probably comes from seeing stage hypnosis. In a therapy session you are always in control, you will remember everything that happened and the therapist cannot make you say or do anything that you don’t want to do. 

Is hypnotherapy dangerous?

No it’s not at all dangerous. It is considered to be very safe. The only clients who it isn’t suitable for is anyone with epilepsy, who has or has had psychosis or certain types of personality disorder. Other than that, it is completely safe.

What are your clients’ biggest fears around hypnotherapy?

My clients can sometimes be a little nervous at the start of a session because they’re not always sure what to expect. I remind them that nerves and excitement are essentially the same feeling except that one is positive and the other is negative and suggest they tell themselves that they are excited instead of nervous. I also take time at the beginning of the session to explain what will happen and set their minds at rest and by the time we start those nerves have truly turned to excitement!

Are there any side effects of hypnotherapy?

Only good ones! No, there are no side effects. Sometimes immediately after the session, the subconscious can appear more activated and can bring memories to the surface but it is all good – think of it as if it’s letting go of the past to create
room for the new beliefs so it’s all good!

How will I feel after hypnotherapy?

Usually very relaxed and lighter like something has shifted – because it has! 

Does hypnotherapy last forever? 

Yes! In my client sessions, we quickly establish the root cause of the issue which brings the client understanding, and understanding in hypnosis is extremely powerful. Then after the session, the client receives a highly bespoke recording which has everything their subconscious mind needs to hear. By listening to the recording daily for at least 21 days they create new neural pathways – they are literally rewiring their mind with new beliefs, and so once the change has been made their subconscious mind cannot but act on the new beliefs!

What would you say your biggest transformation has been with hypnotherapy? 

Working with clients who have told me that after sometimes decades of trying other therapies, I have saved their lives because they were anxious, depressed and suicidal and they’re now free to live their lives feeling happy and at peace. At the same time, giving clients back their self worth is the most beautiful thing because it has such a knock on effect in all areas of their lives – not only are their relationships and work better but most importantly the relationship with themselves is better. My specialism is emotional eating and helping my clients to fall in love with themselves and accept their bodies so that they can make peace with food and love eating again AND release the excess weight? It’s the best job in the world!

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